Careers at VertiGIS Studio


Wanted: smart, driven people

We offer challenging and meaningful careers that grow with people over time, and help them make a difference in the world through the power of geography.

Wanted: Smart, driven people

We’re a great place to grow your career…

Our culture

Since 1999, our company culture has been purposefully grown and guided by our core values. We believe every individual contributes to a company’s culture through their attitude, interests, and skills. How will you help our company culture stay vibrant and flourish?

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Our technology

We love working with technology and making it possible for others to do the same. We follow best practices, but, as leaders in our field, we help define them as well. We’re proud of our technology beliefs, which inform every decision we make. How will working with our technology empower you?

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Our staff

Our teams are made up of passionate, high-performing individuals that come from a diverse set of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. What we all have in common is our drive to do good work, support each other in growth, and enjoy the beautiful places we live. Who will you meet at VertiGIS Studio that will help you see things differently?

Our customers

People all over the world use VertiGIS Studio technology to build better, more impactful web mapping applications. From local and state governments, to non-profit organizations, universities, and Fortune 500 companies… organizations all over the world use VertiGIS Studio technology to build better applications. How will you help our customers?

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Your career

Brass tacks are important! We pride ourselves in offering fair and equitable salaries, a complete benefits plan, professional development and training, and fun perks to our employees. How can we help you thrive in your career?

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VertiGIS Studio offers meaningful careers

…and have fun doing it.

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