VertiGIS Studio Access Control - Fine-grained security for your ArcGIS apps.

VertiGIS Studio Access Control

Go beyond out-of-the-box with fine-grained permissions for your ArcGIS Server® apps.
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Take control of your apps

Access Control for ArcGIS Server®

VertiGIS Studio Access Control is specifically designed to go beyond the permissions control offered by ArcGIS Server.

Save time and money

Avoid the cost (and headache!) of custom coding your own permission enforcement tool.

Manage permissions

Easily understand and control who has access to layers, fields, and features.

What is VertiGIS Studio Access Control? 

Your tool for controlling your GIS 


Authorize access to visible and/or editable layers, fields, and features. 

Role-based permissions

Control access based on a user’s role. 

Optimize your apps

The ability to provide targeted content to specific users allows you to get more out of your apps. This can mean fewer total apps and ArcGIS Server services for you to maintain! 

Adapt to change

Quickly update visible components of the map to meet the changing needs of your users.


Easily view and control access levels from within our web-based designer. 

ArcGIS Server-based 

Add permission control capabilities to ArcGIS Server apps across various host applications (Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Experience Builder, etc.).  Seamless integration with all your apps using ArcGIS Server.

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Watch our 30-minute VertiGIS Studio Access Control webinar to learn more.

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