VertiGIS Studio Builder Edition - Product

Deploy VertiGIS Studio inside Esri technology

Access the most popular capabilities of VertiGIS Studio for use within ArcGIS® Web AppBuilder.
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VertiGIS Studio Web AppBuilder Edition

VertiGIS Studio is your toolkit for extending ArcGIS® Web AppBuilder.

VertiGIS Studio Workflow Icon

Build widgets

Streamline business processes and end-user interactions.

VertiGIS Studio Reporting Icon

Gather, organize and share your data

Deliver key information to the right people with configurable reports.

VertiGIS Studio Printing Icon

Simplify printing

Generate high-quality, high resolution map print outputs in all sizes.

VertiGIS Studio Workflow business processes

Turn sophisticated business processes into a set of simple end-user interactions

Designer: Build widgets right in your browser or on-premises.

Form: Re-imagine the user experience with dynamic forms.

Streamlined Widget Development: Avoid custom development and build widgets.

Offline use: Download workflows and run them on your mobile viewer.

Gather, organize, and share key data with configurable reports

Designer: A clean, straightforward design experience.

Charting: Choose how your information is displayed.

Integrations: Bring your key data together.

Spatial and Tabular Data: Choose the data that suits you.

VertiGIS Studio Reporting Tools

Generate high-quality, high-resolution map print outputs in all sizes

Designer: A clean, straightforward design experience.

Flexibility: Print virtually any type of map you need.

Smart Legend: Automatically adjust your print templates to only include what is visible on the current map extent.

Spatial and Tabular Data: Choose the data that suits you.

VertiGIS Studio Printing Print example

Deploy VertiGIS Studio in ArcGIS Online®

VertiGIS Studio Workflow, VertiGIS Studio Reporting, and VertiGIS Studio Printing can be deployed on-premises using the Developer edition of ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, or deployed as hosted widgets in ArcGIS Online. However you use Web AppBuilder, VertiGIS Studio is here to help you raise the level of what’s possible.