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VertiGIS Studio Mobile

Develop mobile GIS applications and run them online or offline.
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Your framework for developing industry-leading field data collection apps
Offline Mobile Use

Build the mobile apps your organization needs for offline field data collection.

Make it Your Own

Combine VertiGIS Studio Mobile with VertiGIS Studio Workflow to build guided user interactions for virtually any process.

Deploy it Your Way

Deploy your applications with VertiGIS Studio Go, or publish them yourself.

What is VertiGIS Studio Mobile?

Configure mobile applications to meet any challenge

Build cutting-edge apps from inside your web browser and optimize them for a mobile, offline environment. VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer provides the level of configuration you need to create fully custom, branded apps.


VertiGIS Studio Mobile comes complete with VertiGIS Studio Workflow, which allows you to guide the tasks your field workers perform.


VertiGIS Studio Mobile lets you make edits in the field and synchronize those changes when the app goes back online.


VertiGIS Studio Mobile is built with the latest version of Esri’s Runtime SDK for .NET future-proofing your applications against inevitable changes in technology.

VertiGIS Studio Go

Use VertiGIS Studio Go to preview the apps you develop, or let other users in your organization access them. Download VertiGIS Studio Go today to try out a sample app.


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VertiGIS Studio Mobile is available in the cloud and on-premises.
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